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Bringing communities together to end CF

The Violet Foundation's name is inspired by our daughter's womb nickname, "Violet". When I was 18 weeks pregnant, I found out through prenatal testing that our first child would be born with the genetic disease, cystic fibrosis (CF). The thought of our daughter coming into the world faced with such incredible challenges was heartbreaking.  But, we turned a corner, found strength, and now are committed to a lifelong fight against this disease. We created the Violet Foundation so that we can bring communities together to fight alongside Baby Violet, and thousands more, to cure CF. Through fun community events, we can raise money for the brilliant organizations making progress in the fight against CF. With your support, my daughter and thousands more have more hope for a long healthy life than ever. Thank you from bottom of my heart.

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I want to inspire communities to fight alongside those with cystic fibrosis. There has been so much progress made, yet far too many lives are still being cut short. My daughter and our family were given the duty of fighting for all those with the disease. My dream is that the Violet Foundation will push this race to a cure over the finish line. I want everyone with CF to know they are not in this fight alone.

Violet Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization

All 2018 proceeds will be granted to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

PArtner with progress

All our community fundraising will benefit organizations dedicated to fighting CF.

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mission & vision

We want to inspire communities to stand alongside those who fight cystic fibrosis every day.


People with CF spend hours every day fighting for their health. We want to show them they're not fighting alone.

About the Violet Foundation

Michele Taigounov, President & Founder